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Get your police clearance WA online in as a little as one hour. Our express police check service means that you can complete your entire application for a police clearance WA online with most results returned in as little as one business hour.

How to get a police clearance WA?

The traditional method for obtaining a police clearance check WA was to complete a paper form and submit it, along with your identification documents, to your nearest police station (known as a national police certificate). Once the process is complete, your national police clearance was sent to you via post. That option is still available to you, however, Checked can reduce the time and effort you would spend on a paper-based form with a fast-tracked online application which sees most national criminal history checks returned to the applicant in as little as one hour.  

Individuals are not able to submit their national police check application directly to the government. They can use registered providers, like Checked, to manage their application, submitting directly into the central government database for return. At Checked, we can go one step further. Our express service puts your criminal record check at the head of the queue, with 70% of applications returned in as little as an hour.

In the remaining 30% of cases, the central government database will flag an application for manual review. This means that it will need to be manually reviewed by an official before your results can be released. Unfortunately, we are not able to anticipate whether your application will be flagged and delayed. A refund of the express service fee is then available if your Australian police check is not returned within the express timeframe. If delayed, the wait time for your certificate is between 1 and 15 business days.

Please also note that only applications for a criminal background check received during business hours are eligible for express processing and return. Our entirely online application is available whenever you need it, but applications are only processed during standard business hours. 

NB: If you require a certificate issue by WA Police (national police certificate or police clearance certificate), this can only be obtained through the WA Police Force. Checked Australia is not affiliated with the WA Police Force, and you must obtain it directly through their website. This may also require you to visit an Australia Post office, have your identity confirmed in person, and in some cases cannot be completed entirely online. You should allow a minimum of 10 business days for a WA Police Check to be issued.

Alternatively, we are able to provide a national police check, that comes with an 100% Acceptance Guarantee. This means, if you request a national police check (for a valid purpose), and it is still not accepted by your the requesting organisation, we will issue a full-refund.

How long does a police clearance WA last?

A police clearance WA is actually a national clearance that draws on from all over Australia, not just from within Western Australia. This means that there is only one application process for any state and territory, please see information for other states and territories below:

Your clearance is valid only up to the date of issue on the certificate so you may need to provide regular renewals to ensure you are compliant with the requestor. You can use Checked for your online applications whenever you need to, assured that our express service is designed with priority in mind.

How much is a WA police clearance?

The cost of your police clearance WA will depend on the type of application that you submit. Different rates apply to volunteer clearances and employment clearances. Please ensure that you select the correct clearance required, as a volunteer certificate may not be sufficient. If it is the incorrect clearance type, then you will need to purchase the correct certificate and restart your application process.

Choose Checked to process your police clearance WA. Our online application portal is available when you need it with the option of express processing. You can complete your entire application in a matter of minutes, not weeks.

Get your National Police Check delivered within the hour*