Criminal Record Check

Information about the Criminal Record Check


A criminal record check (also called a national police check or police clearance) is provided by the Australian government, through an Accredited Body or police agency, that lists any disclosable court outcomes associated with an individual. Also known as a National Police Check or a National Criminal History Record Check, you are most likely to be asked to provide a copy of this before undertaking a new employment or volunteer opportunity. When you apply for your criminal record check through Checked, you’re offered access to a completely online application process as well as a fast-tracked option, returning your criminal record check in as little as an hour, not weeks. Our express service, in most cases, will deliver your criminal record in this timeframe, however, if delays do occur then we will refund your express service fee.

Given that manual review is not required, a process that allocates a potential match in the central database, the criminal record check can return in as little as an hour. Traditional application processes can include trips to the post office, formal signed sightings of your identification, potential mistakes on your paper forms which leads to additional time and possibly more money spent on a new application, as well as the standard waiting times of many weeks for your certificate to arrive by mail. We offer fast, convenient and affordable criminal record checks for both individuals and for our corporate clients. 

How can I check my criminal record online?

If you are an individual and would like a copy of your own criminal record check, then you need to apply for a copy of your National Police Check (NPC) issued by a registered provider. There are a couple of ways in which you can apply, such as through your local post office.

Using Checked, you access a fast-tracked process which can return your certificate to you in a matter of minutes, and not weeks. Our process is fast, efficient, convenient and affordable. You can complete everything you need through our online process, including verification of your identification with VerifyID™. Our system is a secure online portal with formal accreditation by the Australian government to collect and process applications for criminal record checks. Once your application is received, you’ll receive email confirmation letting you know that your application is being processed. If you do choose to apply for your criminal record check in person, you will not be able to speed up the process once your application has been submitted.

What is included in my criminal record check?

This check will list any disclosable court outcomes received across all of the states and territories of Australia up to the issued date of the certificate, as determined by the relevant police agencies. The most common reason for a national police clearance is in relation to employment requirements for businesses, departments and organisations. You may also be requested to provide a criminal record check if you intend to serve as a volunteer for an organisation such as the Rural Fire Service. 

Some positions and departments which require a criminal record check will arrange to have this done on your behalf. If you have been instructed to provide your police clearance before you commence work, or you have an offer of employment pending your clearance certificate, then you are going to want to have your criminal record check ready to send. That’s where we can help. We can deliver your criminal record check to you faster than if you applied via the paper forms on your own.

Another reason you might want to arrange your criminal record check is if you intend to apply for a role as a house or pet sitter. Anybody who will need to commit their property to your supervision while they’re holidaying or travelling for work will feel a lot better with an official copy of your criminal record that you are willing to provide. Our affordable police checks are easy to obtain, and the turnaround time is reliably fast. Ensure you can take advantage of a great opportunity in time with our help with a fast criminal record check, right when you need it.

If you have been asked to provide a criminal record check in relation to your immigration or citizenship status, then you will need to obtain your certificate from the Australian Federal Police (AFP). The AFP handles criminal record certificates associated with immigration and citizenship. If you are unsure whether we can help you obtain the right record check, feel free to jump online and chat with a locally-based, Australian consultant. We will ensure you know exactly what kind of certificate you require and point you in the right direction.

How long does a criminal record check last?

There is no specific period of time that your criminal record check is actually valid for. The check provides any disclosable history obtained in NSW, WA, VIC, SA, QLD, NT and ACT up to the point in time that the certificate has been issued. For example, if you are a resident of New South Wales or Western Australia but were convicted of a traffic offence in Victoria six years ago, your criminal record check may include the details of that offence.

Pending disclosable court outcomes may be listed on the criminal record check. For this reason, most organisations which request an initial criminal record check will likely have a protocol in place which mandates regular, updated criminal record checks. This might be every six months, every twelve months or every two years. Checked takes the hassle away by offering you an affordable, accessible portal where you can arrange for a police check online, in your own time. 

If you are a corporate client in need of fast and reliable criminal record checks for your employees, we can provide you with a cost-effective solution that helps you to streamline your business or organisation’s security obligations. Checked is about offering all of our clients reliable and secure access to a faster and more convenient way of obtaining their up-to-date criminal record checks at an affordable price. Save time by using our completely online application process which is available to you 24/7. Don’t stand in line at the post office trying to get your photocopied ID approved following weeks waiting by the letterbox for your certificate to arrive. Choose Checked for the fast and easy option and complete your application online in as little as 5 to 10 minutes.

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