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Information about a Police Check in NT


What are the options for obtaining a police check in NT?

Checked Australia is a government accredited provider able to submit police check NT applications on behalf of applicants living in the NT, as well as ensure that your application is quickly and promptly processed. We offer our clients a completely online application form designed to be completed by most applicants in a matter of minutes. Utilising VerifyID™ for identity document verification, we can securely verify your identity documents through the use of a scanner or camera. You are able to start, complete and submit your application for a national criminal history check in a single sitting. Our express service option also includes your results sent to your in as little as an hour when you opt for an express police check NT.

NB: If you require a certificate issued specifically by NT Police referred to as a national police certificate, this can only be obtained through the NT Police Force. Checked Australia is not affiliated with the NT Police Force, and you must obtain one directly through their website. This will require you additional steps to have your identity confirmed, and you should allow a minimum of 10 business days for a NT Police Check to be issued.

Alternatively, we are able to provide a national police check, that comes with an 100% Acceptance Guarantee. This means, if you request a national police check (for a valid purpose), and it is still not accepted by your the requesting organisation, we will issue a full-refund.

This way you will also not need to visit a post office or police station, and the base cost for a check is often less as it is efficiently completed 100% online. You also have the option to request that your police check in NSW be obtained online in as little as an hour through Checked Australia.

How do I get a police check NT?

There are a few ways an individual can apply for and receive their police check NT. A police clearance certificate or national police clearance is a state or federal police issued check. In comparison, Checked Australia offer a national criminal history check which covers all states and territories, and often known as a national police check, and it is delivered directly to you electronically, with no need to fill out paper forms or get your ID certified.

You may be asked to provide this if you have applied for an aged care facility role. When applicants are asked to provide their national police check NT, they may have been given a paper-based Northern Territory application form. If you have received this, then it must be returned to your local police station for processing. The waiting times for paper-based processing can stretch into weeks. This can include time for your application to be received, processed, and mailed back to you.

Checked offer an entirely online form with the option of express processing.

This means that applications for an Australian police check and police check NT from the police or Checked will include information gathered from all criminal records across Australia, regardless of the state that you are applying for your clearance in. For information on what can appear on your national police check, please see this link.

A police check NT issued by Checked Australia is actually a national police check which extends to all states and territories. Please see below some further information about obtaining a police check across the following states and territories:

How long does a police check NT take?

If applicant’s choose the paper-based form, a criminal record check can likely take weeks to be received, processed and returned via post. When you choose Checked and opt for express processing, then your clearance form could be completed and returned to you in as little as one hour. Our express service means that we can prioritise your police check application.

Please note that in most cases, applications submitted to the central government database can return within the express timeframe. In 30% of applications, a police check NT may be delayed. If your police check NT has been delayed by the relevant police agencies for what is known as a ‘manual review,’ then we will refund you the express service fee. In order to allocate a potential match in the criminal history database, a manual review is required. These results are then released between 1 and 15 business days following submission.

How much is a police check NT?

The cost of a police check will differ depending on the check type. A volunteer check costs less as this is for unpaid work. Please ensure that you have chosen the correct check type before submission as you may need to apply for a new form. Our express service fee is offered on top of the application fee.

Start your application for a police check NT now and choose express processing for return in as little as an hour.

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