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Have you been asked to provide a national police check or national police clearance? If you have been given the paper application form to fill out, know there is another option in many cases. Checked offer you an alternative police check online which will save you valuable time and effort and could see your results returned to you in as little as just one hour.

The first step is to confirm whether the requesting organisation requires a police clearance certificate or national police check. For the most part, these checks will both cover all states and territories in Australia. The difference is some organisations or applications (such as IVF, Visa Applications) will require a check issued directly from a specific police organisation.

For most cases, Checked Australia are able to provide a national police check, that comes with an 100% Acceptance Guarantee. This means, if you request a national police check (for a valid purpose), and it is still not accepted by your the requesting organisation, we will issue a full-refund.

How do I apply for a police check online?

You may be asked to provide a police check or national clearance certificate for a potential employer or volunteer organisation you wish to join. Many Australian businesses and organisations will request a police check or national criminal history check as a standard part of their recruitment or membership services. This is to help ensure that they are providing a safe environment for their staff and services. 

Traditionally, obtaining a criminal record check would mean filling out a paper-based form which needed to be submitted to your local police station or an accredited agency, along with verified copies of your identification. To obtain a national police check, you will need to apply through a government accredited agency like Checked Australia.

Checked offer applicants access to a completely online application process which includes verifying your identification documents with VerifyID™. All you need is a device, an internet connection and access to either a scanner or camera to provide your documents. You can complete your entire application in a single sitting. By opting for our express processing service, we could even have your clearance returned to you in as little as just one hour. That’s filling out, verifying, submitting and returning your application in a matter of minutes, not weeks. A delay may be required by the government for manual review to allocate a potential match. In this instance, the express fee is then refunded. 

Your police check online is a national police check issued by Checked Australia which extends to all states and territories. Please see below some further information about obtaining a police check across the following states and territories:

The information included on your certificate will list any disclosable criminal offences from all over Australia as a national police check. For more information on what type of information may appear on your certificate, follow this link.

A police check online obtained from Checked Australia uses a form available online and potentially returned to you in just an hour. When you opt for our express police check online, your application must be submitted during business hours for it be processed within the hour subject to manual review. In about 30% of cases we are not able to fast-track an application as it is delayed due to a potential match in the central government database. This occurs because the potential matches must be sighted by an official before it can be released. Unfortunately, we are not able to know before your application is submitted whether it will be delayed but if you have opted for an express service and we are not able to fulfil our guarantee, then we will refund you the express service fee.

If you have been asked to provide an Australian Federal Police (AFP) check for immigration purposes, then you will need to contact the AFP directly for the correct form and application process. Checked is not able to manage this type of application at this time. If you are unsure of where you need to obtain your application forms from or whether there is an online application platform you can use, first confirm with the authority that has requested your clearance certificate exactly which type you are required to provide and then ask where you are able to obtain what you need.

How do I obtain a police clearance online?

The way our police check online works is very simple. We have developed an online application form that is designed to save you time and effort. It is intuitive, guiding you from question to question, and is securely stored so your personal information remains safe. Most individuals will be able to complete our form in minutes, assuming you have ready access to all of the information that you need. 

There are two types of criminal background check of Australian national police checks that you may be eligible for: a volunteer and employment. The costs between the two are slightly different, but please note that should use choose the wrong kind of application or you are not eligible, you may have to restart you application process and purchase the correct one for your certificate to be compliant. This also applies in cases where you have applied through the police for a national police certificate for an ineligible type.

When you opt for our fast-tracked service and you have submitted your complete application within business hours, then in most cases we can have your clearance certificate ready for you in as little as an hour. This will be emailed to you. If you require a paper certificate copy, then opt for postal delivery at the time of application. 

For a fast and easy police check, choose Checked and opt for our police check online with our fast-tracked option. For around 70% of applications, we are able to delivery results for applicants in as little as 1 business hour.

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