National Police Certificate

Information about the National Police Certificate


Checked offers an express option for national police certificate checks. We are able to fast-track your application and put it ahead of the queue. In most cases, your application can be returned to you in as little an hour after you have submitted it. Read on to find out how what a national police certificate is used for, how to obtain one, and the fastest way to have your certificate returned to you using our online application process. If delays occur with your application, we can refund you our express service fee.

How do I get a national police certificate?

In order to apply a national police certificate, you will need to contact your local police station or an accredited provider. Checked is a fully accredited registered provider who is not only able to process your national police certificate application, but can also fast-track that application using our streamlined, online application form.

National police certificates are designed to help protect the Australian community. You may be asked to provide one for your employment, any volunteer associations you wish to join, or when you apply for a firearm licence. 

When you choose Checked for your police certificate, you will be prompted to select which type of national police certificate you wish to obtain. This certificate is also known as a national criminal history check, police check, a national police check, a police clearance and a national police clearance. You might also have heard it referred to as a criminal record check or criminal background check. It is, essentially, a certificate listing any disclosable offences belonging to an individual. Those offences listed may be from any Australian states and territories. For example, if an individual has a criminal background in QLD, then those offences, along with any other offences obtained in NSW, WA, SA, VIC, TAS, NT and ACT, may appear. For further information about what can be listed on your national police certificate, click here to read more.

There are two types of online application forms for an Australian police check: an employment application and a volunteer application. If you have been requested to provide a copy of your police clearance for employment purposes, then you must select the employment application, also referred to as a standard form. If you do not and provide a volunteer check, then your employer may request another certificate and you will need to apply for your new application. 

How long are national police certificates valid for?

Your police check will be valid up to the issue date of that certificate.The requesting organisation of your national police certificate will have a set period of time that your certificate is considered valid for. Validity will differ between employers, organisations and departments so double check with the requestor for more information.

Checked also offer a full integrated national police check process designed to help organisations remain up-to-date and compliant with their background checks. Contact one of our team for more information on how we can help you streamline and fast-track your police checks with our digital platform capable of integrated with leading HR and ATS platforms. 

How do I apply for a national police certificate?

We offer a completely online application form that is designed to be completed within 5 to 10 minutes. We utilise VerifyID™ to verify your identity documents through documents provided from a camera or scanner. As long as you are comfortable with an online form, have reliable access to the internet and your identity documentation with you, you should be able to complete your application in a matter of minutes and hassle-free.

Should you complete your application during business hours and request our express processing option, then you could have your national police certificate returned to you in as little as one hour. This is assuming that your application has not been flagged for manual review which can occur in roughly 30% of cases. Should your application be delayed, and you opted for our express service, then Checked will refund your express service fee. Unfortunately, we are not able to know whether this will occur before you submit your application.

There is another type of police check provided by the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Please double check with whichever organisation or department that has requested your national police certificate that you are applying for the correct type of certificate before you submit your application.

Get your national police certificate emailed to you in as little as one hour with Checked. Start your application right now and save yourself time and hassle with our online application form and express service option.

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