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A police clearance SA can now be obtained online in a fraction of the time a paper-based application form would require. If you have been asked to provide a SA national police clearance, then the quickest and most convenient way of obtaining your national police clearance certificate SA is with Checked.

The most common reasons for obtaining a police clearance SA are often due to applications for employment or charitable organisations. More and more Australian organisations are choosing to request a criminal background check as standard procedure in an effort to ensure the spaces and services they provide are safe for everyone. For more information about what may be contained in your police clearance SA, follow this link.

Your police clearance SA is actually a national police clearance certificate which means that we can provide you with all of the below from a single application:

Our services are available online so you can access them when it’s most convenient for you. We utilise VerifyID™ which means that all of your identification documents can also be verified officially online at the time of application. When you submit your police clearance from SA online during business hours, and opt for our express service, you could have your police check completed and returned to you via email in as little as just one hour. With Checked, we can process applications in minutes, not weeks.

How long does a police clearance last SA?

A South Australia police clearance or national criminal history check is valid only up to the date of issue on the national clearance certificate. Some organisations may have a renewal procedure in place which means that you will need to update your criminal record check on a regular basis. If that is the case, Checked can help you cut down on time and frustration and get your national renewal completed in a fraction of the time a paper form will take.

How much is a police clearance in SA?

The type of Australian police clearance SA you are required to provide will determine the cost of the national police certificate you are applying for. Different rates apply to different check types, with a volunteer Australian police check costing slightly less. However, ensure you are aware of which type of police clearance SA you need to provide as not providing the correct one may mean that you will have to apply again, and pay the fee of a new application.

We offer our clients an express processing service which puts their national police check at the head of the queue for an extra fee. In 30% of cases, the central government database flags applications for what is called a ‘manual review.’ This means that the application needs to be manually sighted for information to be correctly allocated before the results are released. This can take between 1-15 business days. If your application is not returned within the guaranteed express timeframe then we will refund that express service fee. 

How to get a police clearance SA?

Traditionally, applicants seeking a police clearance SA would have to fill out a paper-based form and submit that, with various forms of identification, to their local SA police station. You are still able to obtain a clearance certificate using this method, however, Checked is a fully online process designed to help you complete your application and receive your clearance in a matter of minutes. 

Choose the fastest, most convenient method for obtaining your police clearance SA and choose Checked. We can put your application to the front of the list and usually return your certificate via email, in as little as an hour.

Get your National Police Check delivered within the hour*