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Your police check Tasmania is an official police clearance certificate authorised by the Australian government. Generally, when you choose to lodge an application for a police check, you can expect to wait weeks for a response using the standard paper-based form. When you choose Checked, we can fast-track your police check Tasmania, putting your application at the head of the queue. In most cases, a fast-tracked national police clearance is returned to applicants in as little as one hour.

How to get a police check Tasmania?

If you have been asked to provide a police check Tasmania, then you have a couple of ways of doing this. An individual applicant is not able to lodge their own application directly with the government, but they can lodge an application with their local Tasmanian police station or an authorised government agent, like Checked. Rather than filling out a paper form and submitting it in person, we have developed a fully online application process designed to be completed in a single sitting, including verification of your identity documents. We utilise VerifyID™ to securely verify your identification through documents provided from either a scanner or camera.

It is becoming common practice among employers and volunteer organisations to request a criminal background check on potential new employees and members, with many organisations choosing to institute a standard compliance policy which requests regularly updated national clearance certificates. Checked offers you a faster, more convenient option of applying for and receiving your Australian police check

When you choose our express service option, applications for a criminal record check are usually returned to the applicant within an hour from the time of submission. This is dependent on the time of day that you submit your application, as applications can only be processed during business hours, as well as the application being fully compliant with government standards.

However, in about 30% of cases, an application is flagged by the central government database for what is known as a ‘manual review’. When this happens, an official must sight and match the disclosable court history to the individual’s national police certificate before it can be released. This may delay your application for a period of 1 to 15 business days. Unfortunately, we are not able to predict which applications may be flagged in this way as it is often dependent on a person’s personal details and whether part or all of those details have matched an entry in the database. If you have chosen an express application and your national police check is held up for review then Checked will refund you the express service fee.

How long does a police check Tasmania last?

There is no set period of validity for a police check Tasmania as they are considered valid up to the date of issue on your certificate. These are national criminal history checks so they will encompass all criminal from all states and territories. There is only one national police check form needed for a:

For more information about what is included on your certificate, please follow this link to review what may appear.

Most organisations will have a policy regarding how often an updated certificate must be supplied to them so double-check with the requesting organisation when you need to provide a current one. 

How much is a police check Tasmania?

The cost of a police check for volunteer purposes is slightly lower than the price of an employment check. Please ensure you have selected the correct type of check before you submit your application, as you may need to begin a new one. Our express service fee is offered on top of the application cost.

Don’t waste time with paper forms. Use Checked to apply for and receive a fast police check Tasmania now.

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