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Information about the Police Check NSW


A police check NSW can now be obtained online in as little as an hour. We help applicants obtain their national police clearance fast and hassle-free with an online application process that is designed to be completed and submitted within one sitting.

How do I get a police check NSW?

A police check NSW is a national criminal history check which includes any disclosable offences on an individual’s criminal record. To receive your national police check, you must submit your application to an authorised government accredited agency. Checked is an accredited provider and can offer you a fast, convenient, online option you can complete right now.

Often people are asked to provide a police check NSW or a national police certificate as part of their employment requirements or as a requirement to join volunteer organisations, such as aged care facilities. It is becoming very common for Australian organisations to stipulate the need for a criminal record check before they permit an individual to begin employment. It has never been quicker and easier to obtain your own police clearance certificate as Checked offer applicants not only a completely online form, but also a fast-tracked processing service that ensures their application is put at the front of the queue.

Our application portal is designed so you can complete your entire application in a matter of minutes. We utilise VerifyID™ to verify your original identification documents at the time of submission, all you will need is access to a scanner or a camera. 

Once you begin your application, you can opt for our express service option. This option puts your application in an express queue and can mean that your national clearance certificate is returned to you in as little as hour. The express service is dependent on when you apply for your police check NSW. Although our online portal is available any time of the day, you must submit your application within business hours to qualify for fast-tracking. If you submit outside of this timeframe, we will attend to your application once business hours resume. 

In 30% of cases, an application can be flagged for a ‘manual review’ which means that the relevant police agencies must physically sight it before the certificate can be released. If your application is flagged and delayed, we will refund you the express fee.

How long is a police check NSW valid for?

There is no set period of validity for your police check NSW but whichever authority has requested you provide one will have a compliance period so it’s best to check with them whether your current police check is still valid or whether you will need to apply for a more recent Australian police check.

How far back does a police check NSW go?

Your police check NSW is actually a national police check which extends to all states and territories. Checked are able to provide applicants with a:

For more information about what can appear on a criminal background check, please see this link for further information.

If you need your police check NSW fast, or you are unhappy with paper forms, choose Checked for your next police check. You could have it emailed to you in as little as an hour.

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