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Obtaining a police clearance QLD is fast and simple with Checked. We offer applicants an online process utilising VerifyID™ that allows online document verification. You can opt for our express criminal record check which, in most cases, returns your national police clearance certificate QLD in as little as one business hour. 

How do I get a police clearance in QLD?

People are often asked to provide a national criminal history check for a police clearance QLD when they apply for volunteer roles or positions of employment. More and more Australian organisations are opting for a criminal background check on team members and employees to ensure that the space they are providing is a safe one. If you have been asked to provide a police clearance then there are a few different ways you can obtain one in QLD.

One way of obtaining this is filling out a national police certificate form and submitting it to your local police station in QLD. This option will require having multiple forms of identification ready and potentially needing to have your identity verified in person. In many cases, you may also be required to wait the standard periods to receive your national clearance certificate via post. When you choose Checked to obtain your police clearance QLD, you can drastically cut down on the time and inconvenience of using and submitting paper forms.

We offer our clients a fast-tracked application process consisting of an entirely online form designed to be completed in minutes, which provides a national police check document. Our express service is intended to ensure that you receive your in as little as just one hour. This check comes with an 100% Acceptance Guarantee. This means, if you request a national police check (for a valid purpose), and it is still not accepted by your the requesting organisation, we will issue a full-refund.

Because your is a police clearance QLD is a national check, it covers all states and territories and is essentially an Australian police check. Please see below some further information about obtaining a police check across the following states and territories:

When you submit your police check, you are requesting information relating to your criminal record from all states and territories of Australia. A national police check lists any disclosable offences belonging to an individual. More information about what it contains can be found here.

NB: If you require a certificate issue by QLD Police (known as a national police certificate or national police clearance), this can only be obtained through the QLD Police Force. Checked Australia is not affiliated with the QLD Police Force, and you must obtain one directly through their website. This may also require you to also visit a QLD Police station or Post office to have your identity certified, and often cannot be completed entirely online. You should allow a minimum of 10 business days for a QLD Police Check to be issued.

How long does a police clearance certificate last QLD?

A national police clearance is valid on the date of issue on your certificate, although there is no set expiry for it, which means that you may need to renew your police clearance QLD on a regular basis. Check with the authority which has requested your clearance certificate for clarification about when it needs to be renewed, if it does, and when it comes time to provide an updated one, rely on Checked to provide you with a fast and hassle-free application.

How much is a police clearance certificate QLD?

When you opt for an express police clearance QLD, you will be charged an additional fee on top of the price of the application. The cost of the police check will depend on the type of application selected.

We are fully accredited by the government to accept and submit applications, as well as offer our clients a fast-tracked service with express processing times of as little as an hour. It is important to note that in about 30% of cases, this can be delayed by the central government database for what is known as a ‘manual review.’ Should your application be delayed due to manual review, or any additional delays, we will refund your express service fee. Applications typically take between 1 and 15 days to be returned. We are not able to advise if your application will be delayed before it is submitted.

For the fastest and most convenient police clearance Queensland, use Checked and opt for our express service.

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