National Police Check VIC

Information about the Victorian National Police Check


Checked is in the online alternative offering an express processing service which could return your national police check Victoria in a matter of minutes, not weeks. 

How do I get a national police check Victoria?

When you apply for a national police check Victoria or a national criminal history check, you are requesting a criminal record check from the Australian government. You are not able to submit an application for a criminal background check directly to the government so you must submit your form to either your local VIC police station or an authorised registered provider.. Checked is not only authorised to submit and manage your application for a police clearance certificate, we can also fast-track the status of your application and put it at the head of the queue.

We offer our clients a fully online application form which means that you can complete your entire application in one sitting, including verifying your identification documents. We utilise VerifyID™ to securely verify your identification through documents provided from either a scanner or camera.

When you opt for our fast-tracked service then your national police check Victoria could be returned to you in as little as one hour. This express service applies to submissions during business hours. In some cases, your application may be flagged for a manual review by the central government database and this process will delay the release of your certificate. If you have opted for an express service and your application is delayed, then we will refund you the express service fee. Please note that we are not advised prior to you submitting your application whether a delay may occur. Certificates are usually released between 1 and 15 business days in this instance.

What does a national police check Victoria look like?

The official national police certificate issued by the government will be an official document detailing any criminal history disclosable on an individual’s police record for results all over the country. This means that a national police check Victoria will contain the same information as a national clearance certificate applied for in any other state. We can accept applications for a:

For more information about what kind of information is included on your certificate, refer to the relevant information here.

How much is a national police check Victoria?

The cost of your police check will depend on the type of national police clearance that you have applied for. For an Australian police check required for your employment, you must choose the standard check type. If you have been asked to undergo a national police check as part of a volunteer organisation then you are able to opt for the volunteer clearance check instead, which is slightly cheaper. Please note that if you supply the wrong police history check has been nominated then you may need to reapply for your certificate and pay the total cost again.

How long does a national police check Victoria last?

Your national police check Victoria is valid only up to the date of issue on the certificate. This means that you may need to provide regular renewals of your clearance to remain compliant, depending on the regulations of the authority or organisation which has requested your check.

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