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Information about the QLD National Police Check


We offer our applicants access to an online national police check QLD that can return your results in as little as one hour. Get your police clearance online and in a matter of minutes, not weeks.

How do I get a national police check QLD?

A national police check QLD is obtained by applying for a criminal record check through a government accredited provider. An individual cannot submit their application for a national police clearance directly to the government database, so they may either fill and submit the paper-based police check (known as a national police certificate) along with verified copies of their identification documents to a local QLD police station or post office. Alternatively, you can choose to submit your application for a national police check QLD with an accredited agency online with Checked. We have developed a completely online application form which saves you valuable time and hassle, including utilising VerifyID™ for document verification of images taken with your scanner or camera. 

You are often required to provide a copy of your national criminal history check as part of your employment requirements or as part of a membership application for volunteer organisations. For example, the Rural Fire Service (RFS) mandates that anybody wishing to join as a volunteer must provide a valid Australian police check before they will be accepted. 

As more and more Australian organisations are opting for members and employees to provide a criminal background check before commencing work, relying on paper forms becomes more and more inconvenient. When you choose to obtain your national police clearance from Checked, however, you not only access a completely online application form, but you can also choose to fast-track your application and receive your national police check in as little as one hour. Where people would usually have to wait weeks for their national police check QLD to be mailed out, we can potentially have it emailed directly to you within an hour after submitting it.

In roughly 30% of cases, however, applications are flagged by the central government database for a 'manual review' before they can be released. Unfortunately, we are not aware whether your application will be flagged before lodgement. If it is delayed, we will refund the express processing fee as per our guarantee.

NB: If you require a certificate issue by QLD Police (known as a national police certificate or national police clearance), this can only be obtained through the QLD Police Force. Checked Australia is not affiliated with the QLD Police Force, and you must obtain one directly through their website. This may also require you to also visit a QLD Police station or Post office to have your identity certified, and often cannot be completed entirely online. You should allow a minimum of 10 business days for a QLD Police Check to be issued.

How long does a national police check QLD last?

There is no set validity period for your national police check QLD. Every organisation which requests that you provide one will have their own compliance periods. If you are unsure whether your current police check needs to be updated, contact your employer or requesting organisation for clarification.

Please see below some further information about obtaining a police check across the following states and territories:

How much is a Queensland national police check?

The cost of a national police check QLD will depend on the type of check that you need to provide. There are different prices for volunteer and employment check and ensure you select the correct one. Failure to do so will require you to restart the process and purchase the correct check type.

If you intend to add our express service, an additional fee is offered at the time of payment.  

To ensure that you access the easiest and fastest application method for your national police check QLD, choose Checked. We can have your complete application submitted and returned in as little as one business hour.

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