National Police Check NSW

Information about the NSW National Police Check


Choosing Checked to apply for a national police check NSW could save you valuable time and effort. Our fast-tracked online process is designed to speed up time you would spend filling out your paper form, with most of our clients receiving their national police check NSW in as little as an hour via email. 

How do I get a national police check NSW?

You may find yourself asked to provide a national police check NSW – also known as a national police clearance - for a variety of reasons. The most common reason for seeking a national police certificate will be due to employment regulations. In helping to keep Australia a safe place to live and work, many businesses are choosing to request a national police check NSW before they issue a formal letter of offer. These police check policies are also common amongst government department employment agreements and attached to charitable organisations as part of their membership policies. They are designed to help ensure that the place you work in is a safe place for everyone.

A national police check NSW is actually an Australia-wide criminal record check. This check is undertaken by government accredited providers for your police clearance. Your national police check application form NSW can be filled out and handed to your local police agency, such as a local NSW Police station, but the fastest way to process your application is online.

Checked is an authorised agent not only able to offer you an online application option, but also a fast-tracked service that could see you approved in as little as an hour.  Our express national police checking service puts your application to the head of the queue, with national clearance certificates returned to most applicants via email the same day they requested their Australian police check.

As this service is a nationally recognised criminal background check, all police checks, across all states, will capture the same information. We can help you obtain:

If you would like more information about what will be shown on your national police check NSW certificate, follow this link.

How long does a national police check NSW last? 

Your national criminal history check is current up to the date the certificate was issued which means that you may need to supply a regular renewal. Double-check with the authority requesting your national police check NSW for when your next certificate will be due.

How much is a national police check NSW?

When you choose Checked to apply for your national police check, you can access express processing at an additional fee. This is payable at the time of application, but should your certificate be delayed, we will refund your express fee back to you. In about 30% of cases, applications can be flagged by the central government database for what is called a ‘manual review’. This will occur if there is a partial or whole match of information to records belonging to an individual in the central government database. Unfortunately, we are not made aware if that will happen before your application is lodged. Generally, applications flagged for a manual review are released between 1 and 15 business days. 

Don’t waste time and effort with paper forms, choose Checked an opt for an express police check NSW online.

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